How To Cope With Fears During The Pandemic

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With the outbreak of the coronavirus confining us to our homes, fears without coping has become a constant companion for most people. You may worry about your children and grandchildren who live in different towns and cities. You may see the spike in numbers of people contracting the virus and wonder if you and your loved ones will make it through unscathed. So even though you are self-isolating, washing your hands frequently and wearing masks whenever you step out, the lingering fear may ruin any feeling of safety.

If you find yourself in this situation, you must learn to cope with your fears so you can be strong for yourself and your loved ones.

Some tips on how to cope with fears during the pandemics include:

1. Be conscious of your thoughts

Your fears stem from your line of thoughts. While the coronavirus is risky for some people, there are so many others who get through it with only minor symptoms like fever and cough. So try to think of it in this light, instead of as a deadly virus that kills everything in its path. 

And if you’re worried about your grandkids, remind yourself that kids are less likely to get the virus and most that do will be asymptomatic. Consciously shaping your thoughts through the pandemic will definitely help you cope with fears.

2. Follow preventive measures actively

Sitting in front of the news all day will most likely feed your fear, but actively protecting yourself and your family from the virus will make you feel empowered. So get active. Make sure everyone in your home is washing their hands frequently. Take lots of vitamins, minerals and stay hydrated. When you step out, sanitize aggressively. Doing these will help you feel you’re fighting against the virus and can lessen your fears.

3. Stay positive

Instead of letting fear linger in your mind, fill your home with positivity. Take the quarantine as an opportunity to spend time with your family and to strengthen your bond with them. Play music and dance when it seems the mood is getting low. Cook together. Make paintings together. Watch movies together and just put in effort towards staying happy and positive

4. Use the pause button

Whenever the fear gets overwhelming, stop and take deep breaths. Sometimes when fear creeps up on us, we may be unaware of it until panic sets in fully. So be conscious of this and whenever you feel the fear coming, pause and take deep breaths. This will lessen the rush of your stress hormones and allow you to curb your fears.

5. Keep in touch with your loved ones

Instead of quietly worrying over your loved ones who stay far away, call and text them. Make sure they are fine and following preventive measures. Talking to them often will lessen your concern over their wellbeing. 

These guides above can help you cope with fears during the coronavirus pandemic. So take on a positive attitude and put them into practice today!

How To Cope With Fears During The PandemicHow To Cope With Fears During The PandemicHow To Cope With Fears During The PandemicHow To Cope With Fears During The PandemicHow To Cope With Fears During The Pandemic
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