It doesn't seem possible until you
Transform Your Mind into Confidence.

Dr. Geneva's books and course will have you designing the life and business you've been dreaming of.


Vibrant Life Blueprint Course

A 4-Step System for Getting and Keeping It Together in a Turbulent World

Learn how to become a Masterful Architect of Work-Life Balance and a Powerful Influencer who will always own the room. I want you to imagine what your lifestyle would be like when your personal and professional life is more balanced, and in your full control.


Stop Worrying

Worrying? There's no need to worry about what's behind you or the future.

Worries about your physical health and those heavy burdens on your mind can be eased with the right ways to heal. You can create a new way of feeling renewed and refreshed with my ebook. 

People who spend a lot of time worrying, struggle in many ways you might not know about. I have a solution to help you with any worry you may face in your life. I give you actionable steps to use now.

Dr. Geneva Williams The Ultimate Book Review Journal

The Ultimate Book Review Journal

The One and Only Book You Will Ever Need to Write Book Reviews!

Do you find yourself finishing books all the time? Is reading something that you love doing every single day? Do you wish all of those reading memories could be remembered? Well then if this happens to be the case you are in luck!

Our brand new ‘The Ultimate Book Review Journal’ is a fun and exciting planner for anyone who loves reading books! With an awesome interior layout and fun cover design, you can write reviews for all your favorite books and keep them safe in this awesome journal!

Unleashing The Fabulous You

Unleashing the Fabulous You

You were not born to “fit in.” You are here to “stand out” from the crowd and surroundings.

Steps to overcoming imposter syndrome, defeating self-doubt, and owning self-confidence for success.

In my new book, you will learn how to shift your thoughts and emotions to feeling confident and secure about your success and accomplishments. These methods will give you something to look forward to daily.

Living Life Over 50

Living Life Over 50

Secrets to Finding Love, Your Vibrant Style & What’s Next For You

Dr. Geneva Jones Williams is a powerful change agent. She is a spark that ignites change in communities, classrooms and corporations. She is cited among those “game changers” in Detroit that gets things done in the community through collaboration – using her oft-called-upon confident communication skills.

A defining moment came when, as a teenager, her family received hate mail and had crosses on her family’s front lawn saying “get out” of their home in New Jersey. Inspired by her father’s tireless role as courageous civil rights leader, leadership became an emphasis of Dr. Geneva’s [Williams] career.

women in leadership over 50

Women Leaders Over 50

Transformational Life Coaching for Women Ages 30 to 50

As A Successful Woman Leader Over 50, Do You Often Wonder What The Heck You Are Going To Do With The Second Half Of Your Life?

Justice on the Jersey Shore

Justice on the Jersey Shore

How Ermon K. Jones Ignited Change and Won

Justice on the Jersey Shore: How Ermon K. Jones Ignited Change and Won demonstrates the power of inspired leadership-how an ordinary person can use his or her personal influence to transform reality. In this riveting, true story of how a spiritual, soft-spoken basketball star became a fearless advocate for the oppressed and powerless in his community, a decades-old battle for social change gains new relevance.