Transformational Life Coaching for Women Ages 30 to 50 – Learn to Live Vibrantly


Women Over 50 Can Use Life Coaching To Live Vibrantly

Dear Vibrant Queens,

Should you consider transforming your life and winning daily? I know you live life now helping others, but, do you feel like there’s more to want and go after?

Perhaps you’re feeling indecisive about what’s next, and not sure how to figure things out.

Are you at the age where your quality of life matters more than ever before? You want to keep living, loving, and thriving.

I know for me…there is no question in my mind. I want the kind of life that inspires me to keep looking good, feeling good, loving good, and doing good.

As the young people would say… I want it all good.

I’m a certified life coach, podcaster, author, and blogger. I speak and write about personal development and leadership.

I am a trailblazer who has been the first African American and woman of many titles throughout my career.

I’ve been an Executive, CEO, School Superintendent, and led the start and merger of many non-profit organizations.

I sit on numerous boards for organizations, lead public/private partnerships, serve as a guest lecturer at universities, and more.

My life’s work has always been about inspiring and creating positive individual and community change.

But, after successfully nurturing a family, being a loving wife for 40 years, and raising millions of dollars for community initiatives, I had to redo myself when I turned 50.

Here’s what I mean…

I struggled.

Lost my husband to cancer. Said goodbye to children who moved on to new, wonderfully independent adult lives.

Was overwhelmed.

Cared for, then buried my parents. Became a grandmother. Got scared about retirement.

Felt uncertain about this new era.

Noticed my body wasn’t as quick to recover as it was at 30. Found grey hairs. Knew I wasn’t done yet, but was confused about how to make the moves for a vibrant next chapter of my life.


I had to take stock of my life. Reimagine my purpose. Set new goals. Develop a game plan. Make myself a priority.

I learned an awful lot about myself. Rediscovered the power and uniqueness within.

I began to …

  • Fearlessly approach change
  • Step back into purpose
  • Imagine endless possibilities

And, I can do the same for you.

I’ve been helping people change the quality of their lives for four decades.

I can help YOU find clarity about action steps that propel you towards the life of vibrancy your heart desires.

>>Schedule What’s Next Call<<

If you’re ready to stop being unsure about your next steps in your career…business…life, and instead manage life changes and possibilities with purpose, passion, and a sure-fire game plan, take the GREAT first step by deciding to schedule a What’s Next Call!

All calls are private and confidential.

Certified as a professional coach and expert strategist, I will take you through a simple, guided process. I will ask questions designed to help you reflect, get clarity on your purpose, and develop your action plan for success.

I will be right by your side supporting you. I work closely with my clients offering clarity, support and watch you evolve into a vibrant woman, successful with influence.

Working together on your personal development is an investment, so sessions are designed to help you feel 100% confident that I’m the right match for you.

I’m here to show you how to reconnect all threads to live vibrantly and reinvent your life.

>>Schedule What’s Next Call<<

Let’s talk about working together to make the rest of 2020 wildly successful for you!

Are you ready for change? Not sure how to move forward on your own? If you’re nodding yes, then make the decision to put aside excuses and work with me.

Now, is the time to transform your life, happiness, productivity, and well-being. You can create a personal strategic plan with clear goals and benchmarks. Together we plan transformative strategies for your growth, progress, and productivity.

You were born with the tools to lead a vibrant life. I help awaken what you’ve already got.

If you are ready to find your way to a more vibrant life, I am certainly here to guide you.

>>Schedule What’s Next Call<<

Take the first step towards achieving your goals and schedule now

P.S. The What’s Next Call is not a free coaching session. It’s intended for people who are seriously considering working with me and are willing to make the investment of time and money.


What's Next?