What Does It Mean To Be Happy Over 50?

What Does It Mean To Be Happy Over 50

Happiness is not age-bound. It is a choice. You can be happy above 50, if that is what you want.

Being happy means you are joyous or content with all you’ve achieved over the years. Contention here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to make more impacts in life.

It only says that you shouldn’t allow stress to take the better part of your life. Stress, if you don’t know, can rob you from all the happiness you’ve got over the years.

You must not give stress a chance to ruin your happiness in life. Worry about nothing and be happy with everything around you.

Happiness breeds true satisfaction and self-fulfillment, and these below should be your ultimate desire now that you’re over 50.

Happiness Can Protect Your Heart

Loss of happiness can give rise to various heart infirmities, many studies have shown. You know that love and happiness emerge from the heart, but when the heart bleeds, it is always difficult to heal. That’s why you need to stay happy since it can keep your heart safe and healthy.

It Boosts Your Immune System

Happiness is a magical boost for the human immune system. You need your immune to be strong enough to combat illnesses known with people above 50. But you have nothing to be worried about if you are always happy. Why? Your immune system derives all it needs to combat illness from your happiness. So, you’ve just got to be happy.

It Deals With Stress Decisively

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A stress-filled mind cannot make any reasonable impact in life. Stress, after it has taken over one’s life, destroys the whole essence and value of the person. It despises the person and makes her believe that she isn’t human at all. One only potent tool to combat stress is happiness. So, if you’ve not learnt how to live a happy-filled life, this is the right time for you to do so.

Happy People Don’t Fall Sick Easily

People above 50 usually complain of one illness or the other, from time to time. But that won’t happen to you if you’re happy all the time. Happiness combats illness more than drugs do, and there’s no way you can be fulfilled in life if you’re not happy. What makes you successful in life is your ability to prioritize your happiness, above every other thing.

Overall, don’t allow anything to take away your happiness. You’ll be entangled in the web of failure if you chose to not be happy.

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Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a speaker, author and certified life coach. She is a top-notch Vibrant Life Architect and Master Leadership Strategist.  She blogs weekly on personal growth, style, legacy, and leadership for women over 50. Her noteworthy leadership skills are recognized as a NAWBO Top 10 Michigan Business Woman. An award winning nonprofit executive and community leader, she raised over $100 million for community change initiatives. Dr. Williams is the author of the Amazon Best Seller: Justice on the Jersey Shore and reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine.

What Does It Mean To Be Happy Over 50?What Does It Mean To Be Happy Over 50?What Does It Mean To Be Happy Over 50?What Does It Mean To Be Happy Over 50?What Does It Mean To Be Happy Over 50?
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