How To Leave Behind Your Past With This Energy

Over 50? Here’s the energy you’ll need to leave the past behind

You might not have had the fantastic past you dreamt of as a teenager. But you have to leave your past behind, especially now that you’re over 50.

The sleepless nights of the past and its overwhelming challenges should be forgotten if you really want to live a life of fulfillment.

And you’re not the only one with terrible life experiences, but you indeed can turn around your life for good in no distant time, only if you can take the right steps now.

Because you are above 50 does not mean that it is over with you. All you need do is: learn and utilize these life tricks, and nothing will stop you from living the wonderful life you once admired.

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Don’t Ever Dwell On The Past

You may reflect on the negative experiences of the past, but you shouldn’t dwell on them. Reflecting on these past experiences can help you prepare for the future ahead. But when you dwell on the mistakes of the past, you can’t do any exploit in the future ahead. So, the bottom line is: learn from your past experiences and prepare for your future.

Stop Pointing Accusing Fingers At People in the Past

Don’t single out anyone for criticism even if they are the cause of your negative life experiences. When you blame everyone for your downfall, going forward becomes more difficult. Be keen to bear the brunt, and you’ll get the courage to forge ahead. Life is not a bed of roses, but if you would stop accusing people of your misfortunes, you’ll attain your goals in no distant time.

Focus On The Present

Always remember that the past is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. That’s why you have to forget about the past and focus on the present so that you can have the future of your dream. There’s no way the evils of the past can hunt you if you only focus on the present.

On one of my recent Ignite to Impact episodes, I talk about the importance of focusing on yourself. Take a listen.

Forgive Those Who Have Offended You in the Past

There is this part of us that clung to the past each time you remembered that someone wronged us. Anger usually stepped in, and we began to see how we could get even with the person that hurt us, and at the same time failed to focus on the issues ahead of us. But you still have amazing things to do now that you’re above 50. That’s why you should forgive those that offended you in the past so that you focus the future ahead.

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Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a speaker, author and certified life coach. She is a top-notch Vibrant Life Architect and Master Leadership Strategist.  She blogs weekly on personal growth, style, legacy, and leadership for women over 50. Her noteworthy leadership skills are recognized as a NAWBO Top 10 Michigan Business Woman. An award winning nonprofit executive and community leader, she raised over $100 million for community change initiatives. Dr. Williams is the author of the Amazon Best Seller: Justice on the Jersey Shore and reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine.

How To Leave Behind Your Past With This EnergyHow To Leave Behind Your Past With This EnergyHow To Leave Behind Your Past With This EnergyHow To Leave Behind Your Past With This EnergyHow To Leave Behind Your Past With This Energy
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