How to Create Stress-Free Routines in Your Life

How to Create Stress-Free Routines
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Creating Stress-free Routines

Stress-free routines were more comfortable to handle when we were young, but now we’re old, and the body hardly keeps up. Few of the effects of stress are tension, headaches, and anxiety. Therefore, to overcome these unpleasant experiences that stress causes, we need to do things that will help us alleviate this sad emotional state — Stress.

This piece contains tips that can relieve you of stress symptoms while going about your daily routine. So, one must be capable of detecting stress in other to put its antidote into full gear, right?

Signs of not being stress-free.

You need not worry much because stress symptoms are easy to catch once you know what they are.

Overeating and lack of appetite

Yes, the two extremes are culprits. If you find yourself overeating food or not feeling like eating anything — then it could be a sign of stress.


Sometimes as we grow older, we might isolate ourselves for some reason or the other. Maybe we no longer enjoy the things we used to do, or socialising isn’t one thing that excite us anymore. So, beware of this one, it could be a sign of stress.

Mood swings

Are nasty —  they may come in the form of irritation or having a sudden feeling of sadness or depression.

Physical observations

–Like experiencing body aches and lack of sleep can be a sign of stress.

Now, even if you must deal with stress, you can overcome it. Here is how to create stress-free routines.

Scheduling your activities

Everyone is trying to get as many things squeezed into their 24 hours — not that we can’t tick all the things we have on our to-do list. Yes, you have it there already, keeping a to-do list with scheduled times for activities can help stay in better control of how the day goes.


Lack of assertiveness has a link to stress in older people. According to Mayo Clinic, Assertiveness can help to reduce stress and anger. If you have a passive attitude when confronted, it could cause you to become stressed. Therefore, it is crucial to try maintaining an assertive approach to situations.


This is a practice that involves body postures and breathing techniques that help to bring calm to the entire body. As a result of its effects in the body, yoga is good for letting go of stress and having a stress-free routine. The advanced yoga poses you might have seen around might be intimidating — However, there are easy poses that will give you immense benefits and help you combat stress.


Although this is a practice in yoga, you can practice it on its own. And it brings a lot of benefits to the body and helping to ease stress.

Mindfulness is the mental activity that involves you putting your full attention into your current action. These prevent you from wasting your energy on unnecessary thoughts while you’re working.

These are ways of creating stress-free routines. It’s important to note that even when you’re not suffering from stress or experiencing any of its symptoms, you can keep the pressure at bay with these practices.

How to Create Stress-Free Routines in Your LifeHow to Create Stress-Free Routines in Your LifeHow to Create Stress-Free Routines in Your LifeHow to Create Stress-Free Routines in Your LifeHow to Create Stress-Free Routines in Your Life
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