Fashion & Style Matters: What to Wear Over 50

Fashion and Style Above 50

That you are a woman over 50 years of age doesn’t mean you can’t wear younger-looking, lovely and enticing dresses.

But you really don’t have to expose your body parts like some of these youngsters before you can wear an appealing and unique look.

It all depends on your fashion taste, as well as the style that looks perfect on you.

Away from styles now, a number of outfits will not only look amazing on you but also adorn you with a lovely, amazing, enticing and enchanting youth look.

At your age, you can make people believe you’re still in your late twenties or early thirties.

It all depends on what you wear, but don’t worry because all the tricks you need to remain fashionable and beautiful are right here.

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Fashion & Style Matters: What to Wear Over 50

Dark Mid-Rise Jeans

A pair of dark jeans will look great on you, especially if they are the straight-leg or boot-cut option. But make sure they are butt and hips fitted. But if its size is more than what you really want, look for a tailor to adjust it a little bit. Up or down, jeans look really great, and pairing them with boots or booties, many people will compliment your great look.

Fitted Pants

Do you crave smart and sleek looks? Nothing can make you a super stylish woman over 50 than a well-tailored pant. Try to wear your fitted trousers on a silky blouse or a jacket-supported T-shirt and your look will be very charming. 

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts look really flattering, volatile, and unique on damsels, as well as on women over 50. But don’t opt for a skirt that will be too tight or restrictive, when there are few skirts that are really fitted and great for you. Spice up your pencil skirt with a heeled shoe, like bootie or pump, and you’ll just look like the sweet sixteen you were many years ago!


Cardigans look good and amazing on ladies, as well as women over the age of 50. You can wear cardigans all-round the year, and they are pretty good for keeping people warm in cool zones. But don’t go for a slouchy or baggy cardigan because that’s not going to look great on you. Instead, opt for a cardigan that is fitted and perfect for your body.

Black Leather Jackets

These jackets go well on any fabric you want to wear and they are really nice to behold. Look for one that is strong but don’t forget that it must be fitted too.

Timeless Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks look really appealing, stylish and enchanting.

A black turtleneck will give you a sophisticated look all day. But be mindful of its size if you really want to look amazing in it.


Finally, in order to remain radiant, beautiful, appealing and attractive, you must prefer sensual colors to sexy ones.

With fabrics such as silk, satin, lace and cashmere, you’ll get a lovely look.

But it will be a splash of drama if you lay your hands on rich colors such as violet, emerald green or burgundy. 

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Fashion & Style Matters: What to Wear Over 50Fashion & Style Matters: What to Wear Over 50Fashion & Style Matters: What to Wear Over 50Fashion & Style Matters: What to Wear Over 50Fashion & Style Matters: What to Wear Over 50

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