20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears

Blocks & Fears

If we don’t face our blocks and fears, they would definitely pose our greatest challenge and begin to control us.

Things and situations like fears of aging, being alone, poor health, loss of strength, limitations, fear of being forgotten sooner than expected, and worries about the current pandemic are some of them.  

But the question now is, how do you deal with your fears? Can you make them all go away? How do you face them squarely?

Do you ignore the noise from all over the place about how being “younger” is better?

How can we avoid being afraid of getting wrinkly and embrace the gift of nature?

How do we cope with our fears about our health and COVID-19?

In what ways do we get out of our comfort zones and pursue our dreams?. 

Obviously, ignoring our fears doesn’t work most of the time as they always manage to get back to us even stronger and more fierce.

But instead of us choosing to ignore the signs, the best approach is to face and defeat them. While doing so, we get to conquer our blocks and fears.

It’s never an easy deal getting older and finding out that you are gradually becoming invisible. But these are not times for you to give in to fear.

Challenging times require strength. It’s the time to be strong and stare down those fears. 

And the best way to do this is to get one’s self exposed to those things you fear instead of running away from them.

Stand firm and challenge it to a fight. Don’t let your emotions control you; control your emotions. That is the surest way to be strong. 

20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears-Dr.Geneva Speaks

Here are 20 ways to defeat your fears and blocks. 

Feel Good about yourself

What’s your perception about self? Once you are healthy on the inside, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be happy with yourself.

Aging in itself is a blessing, and it’s a good thing to wake up each morning, grateful for seeing the morning sun rays and aging along with it every new day.

If it’s about achievement, no age is late to achieve a feat. And how would you go on breaking barriers if you don’t love and value yourself?

Absolutely no way! Hence you need to start seeing yourself in a green light. Start to love your new personality.

This phase is for everyone, the same one you are passing through. There’s absolutely nothing strange about having gray hairs or feeling not so strong like before.

All of these are nature’s callings, so get a hold of yourself and begin to love “you” just the way you are.

When you feel great about yourself, then you open doors to new experiences, people, places, and other opportunities. 

Try to keep Fit

In as much as age comes with it, tiredness comes every moment. It’s very okay to try to keep fit to avoid giving in to sicknesses.

In order to stay away from age-related illnesses that might begin to plague us, it’s paramount to maintain a healthy body and mind.

This also will help you feel good and relieve mental stress and worries. Keeping fit doesn’t only relate to the body; it also involves the mind.

Try to exercise and relax your muscles sometimes and even think less about things that might leave your brooding and shedding tears.

Maintain a habit of checking at the Doctor’s once in a while.

So you wouldn’t have to worry about whether you have become hypertensive or your blood sugar level has risen more than usual.

Keep healthy relationships, and do not try to impress people too much to your detriment.

Have a support system, make friends and share your thoughts with them

One of the common causes of depression, fear, and anxiety is loneliness. Frightening thoughts are triggers to unhappiness.

If you feel things are bothering you and causing you sleepless nights, then sharing it becomes the best option for you.

Tell it to someone who has been or is still going through the same phase with you. They say experience is the best teacher.

You would never know where the solution to your problem will emerge from if you adamantly decide to bare your burdens all alone by yourself.

Join social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and get to meet people. 

Leave your comfort zone

This is one of the most effective ways to get off fear. You won’t get to know your capability if you don’t try. Start even when it seems impossible. 

There’s always a beginning to every successfull step taken. So take it and don’t look back as you do!

Accept that you are growing up more

As much as it’s a difficult thing to accept, there’s absolutely nothing one can do about it. You can’t reverse the hands of time.

Begin to accept the stage you have reached and make plans to leave it fulfilled and Happier. 

Visualize success

Try to create mental pictures of what and where you yearn to attain. This will also make you feel good and cause a smile lingering on your face.

Make solid plans to tackle your blocks. Act like you are already there even when you know it would take some little time to get there.

Fake it till you make it!

Let your fears and blocks energize you

Find strength in your fears. Cowards chicken out to concerns, but wise people see them as opportunities to feel strong.

For example, if you are afraid of cooking dinner for your family, try to draw positive energy from the excitement about they will be happy knowing the food came from you.

That way, you get to overcome your blocks and scale through your fears. 

Love yourself

Self-love is everything. No one can love you more than you love yourself.

And if you do love yourself, you will do just about anything possible to make yourself happy, including whining over your fears and getting precisely what you want. 

Reward yourself

Whenever you win anything, you had doubts about winning, reward yourself.

Appreciate the fact that you are a strong person and allow those positive energies to breeze inside you and do away with all of your fears. 

Take it one step at a time

Take things easy; don’t rush it. Don’t expect that big break to happen in a not too long a time.

Have it always in mind that even as you age, everything in life is a process.

And processes gulp an outrageous amount of time before arriving at the finish line.

Instead of pushing yourself, push through to get there when time is right. 

20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears-Dr.Geneva Speaks

Hold positive memories of past successes

Remember, more often, about the positive things that have happened in your life.

Throw away the bad ones and never allow its surface.

Have it in mind that past bad experiences would only deter you in the long run. 

Learn your fears

Try to understand what makes you shiver like the type of people, places, lifestyle, or things you are afraid of.

Such fears that come with giving a speech in public, talking to a specific type of people, feelings of rejection, etc.

Try to learn what their causes and reasons are, and know them to defeat them. 

Make a list of your fears

Sit down and write down those things you have been afraid of lately. Try to identify them. If you don’t outline them one after the other, then it’s going to be tough recognizing them as they come.

Get a journal where you can jot down your journey with some of the things you fear.

Having a list of your fears and blocks helps you to stay away from them and to scale over the fences blocking you. 

Live your best moments

Whenever happiness comes knocking, always open your doors wide for it to go in and stay.

Meet up with friends, have some good time out, eat your best food, get the dress you admire, organize a special treat for yourself.

These things will make you calm, even when you are afraid. Peace is what you need to suppress fear.

Be about “You “sometimes. Selfishness is not always bad stuff when it comes to one’s happiness.

Have dreams and a set goal

When you have dreams and a set goal, you wouldn’t be afraid of not living up to expectations — having dreams channels you in the right direction to achieve the seemingly impossible things.

Have a plan, and find the easiest ways to make them real. 

Let go of past failures

The past mostly harbors terrible experiences that might cause us to fear. This is the reason why one should let it all go and fade away with the wind.

If there was ever a time when you failed on a particular course, it doesn’t mean you’d fail the next time if you give it a try. Try to buckle up your insecurities and also forge ahead. 

Do not procrastinate

When fear gets you to keep postponing lots of stuff you’d want to do, try as much as possible not to harken to its self-sabotaging voices.

To defeat fear, one needs to stand their grounds and achieve a feat. You shouldn’t let them mess up with your time as time waits for no one.

Utilize yours now for tomorrow’s sake. Don’t say, “I don’t have much time left.”

It’s not about how much time you have but how valuable your time here has been.

Make every second count!

20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears-Dr.Geneva Speaks


Hold yourself in high esteem 

Self-belief is everything. When it comes to defeating one’s fears and even other people’s fears about you.

What you believe about you matters a whole lot. Do not give in to self-doubts, those are the things instilling fears.

Remember those times you have won competitions, gave beautiful speeches, graced a critical occasion, and have all heads turn on your arrival.

Remember how majestically you used to cat-walk and how much people loved your cooking.

Nothing has changed now. It’s just your little mind messing with your head. Believe you didn’t change for the worst but only for the best. 

Appear Great and smell nice

When it comes to self courage, dressing plays a vital role in your carriage and esteem. Being 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change your wardrobes and get yourself a beautiful hairdo.

Most times, one’s fear comes from a sense of insufficiency and lack.

The feelings that you are not enough to grace a momentous occasion or that you shouldn’t be amongst a particular set of people because you have aged.

But when you dress in the most gorgeous of dresses, shoes, and accessories, there’s this newfound strength it brings with it.

The type that gets you to want to fly away even without any visible wings. The ultimate goal is to get visible and seen.

Learn new trends and get current with information. 

That way, you wouldn’t be found hiding because of fear when the time to showcase specific knowledge finally presents itself.

You would not encounter any stumbling blocks in your dealings with people and current situations.

Seek the help of a therapist, coach or counselor

When you have tried some stuff to get rid of fear, and it’s kind of not working out, then it’s time to pay a visit to a therapist, coach or counselor.

Book sessions with a good one to analyze your behavior and proffer a lasting solution to it. Get rehabilitated and following up with due processes.

Do not say you are too old to do some outlined kinds of stuff in your to-do list. Age is never a barrier; neither is it a limitation.

Do anything useful on the surface of the earth to live your best life, less worrisome. 


20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears20 Ways to Blast Through Your Blocks and Fears
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