You’ve Got That Glowing Personality Over 50

You’ve got a glowing personality now. It’s true you are above 50 but you’re not done yet. Many people might have told you that there’s nothing to live for once one clocks 50.

Don’t ever listen to them because they have failed to realize that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Being over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t trigger amazing things in society, or even influence people to attain beautiful dreams that could turn the world around for good.

You can’t underestimate the potency of your glowing personality now that you’re above 50.

You just have to be strong and passionate about the beautiful goals ahead. You’ve got that glowing personality to make amazing impacts in your circle and the world.

A Glowing Personality Creates A Good Impression

Be passionate about the impression you create about yourself in public. With just an enticing smile, you can win the hearts of many people.

And besides, there are young minds out there that you can mentor.

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But that’s not going to happen until you create a good impression about yourself to other people around you.

For example, when you wear a smile always, people are likely going to see you as friendly and kind with a glowing personality.

Develop Good Manners

Don’t say you won’t show respect to younger ones just because you are above 50. You just have to be polite as you interact with people on daily basis.

Respect is not all it takes to lead a polite lifestyle. You have to show people necessary courtesy and attention, if you want to win their hearts.

Be A Good Listener

Part of having a glowing personality is displaying good listening skills.

There’s no way you could understand other people if you’ve not listened to what they have come to say.

And if you don’t listen, you can’t have solution to their problems.

That’s why you should have listening ears, and besides you’re dealing with young minds. You’ll surely have answers to all life’s challenges if you would take your time to listen.

Keep Your Promises

People who break their promises won’t be considered reliable and trustworthy.

Nobody would want to have anything to do with you if you’re not reliable and trustworthy. Even at that, you shouldn’t give any promise that you can’t fulfill. 

Be Helpful To Those In Need

Try to see how you could be of help to those who are struggling to solve life difficulties. Always show some concerns for people in need so that you can earn their trust and confidence. 

Building a positive, glowing personality at 50 is good, and you really need that to impact the lives of people around you.

About Dr. Geneva

Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a speaker, author and certified life coach. She is a top-notch Vibrant Life Architect and Master Leadership Strategist.  She blogs weekly on personal growth, style, legacy, and leadership for women over 50. Her noteworthy leadership skills are recognized as a NAWBO Top 10 Michigan Business Woman. An award winning nonprofit executive and community leader, she raised over $100 million for community change initiatives. Dr. Williams is the author of the Amazon Best Seller: Justice on the Jersey Shore and reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine.

You’ve Got That Glowing Personality Over 50You’ve Got That Glowing Personality Over 50You’ve Got That Glowing Personality Over 50You’ve Got That Glowing Personality Over 50You’ve Got That Glowing Personality Over 50
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