Three Things Millennials Look Up To In Their Moms

Millennials take pride in whom they look up to. Their moms are at the top of the list.

They don’t hide their feelings, and they aren’t weak in their thought process.

A whole lot of things go through their minds all the time, and they hardly allow other people to bear the burdens of their thoughts.

Weariness about marriage, student debt, and uncertainty about the job market are a few of the issues millennials try to cope with.

But, none of these issues are as strong as what they look up to in their moms.

Most times, the issues millennials face in the course of living their lives are caused by their parents, especially their moms.

Over the years, we’ve heard so many millennials say their moms tried to micromanage their lives.

True, they may have some complaints. But, contrary to the belief of some people, millennials respect their moms.

Being adults, they will not accept everything their moms say to them.

Millennials have their lives to live, and they will not allow anyone to intrude into their space, including their moms.

Even at that, millennials look up to their moms in several ways.

I’m making this a two-part blog because I have one Gen-X daughter and Millennial. Both of the look up to me.

So, as a mom, millennials will look up to you for these three things.

Handling of Negative Emotions

Millennials are not as experienced as their moms. So, they are going to find it hard to cope with negative emotions and experiences.

As a mom, you should teach your grown-up children how to deal with negative emotions.

True, they may not tell you all they’re going through because of one reason or the other.

But, being their mom, you should know when things are not working fine with them.

They were probably told that anxiety and negative emotions are to be discarded when they surface.

However, sincerely, nothing is like the heartfelt advice of a mom. You have to let your grown-up children know that negative emotions are normal.

Practically, show each of your adult children how to build healthy coping skills and resilience against negative emotions.

Millennial will look up to their moms more for showing them how to cope with negative emotions.

Respect for Personal Standard

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Most moms set out standards for their grown-up children. Rules may have worked when they were kids, but things have changed now.

They aren’t kids anymore, and you should respect their standards now.

Naturally, as people grow, they redefine their lives. Millennials aren’t immune to this natural phase of growth.

What used to interest them as kids may not interest them again as young adults.

Give them some space. Don’t interfere.

Show them the merits of independence via your lifestyle, and they’ll be glad and look up to you more.

Financial Freedom

Millennials don’t like it when their moms fail to respect their financial boundaries.

They’ll sacrifice their financial freedom for nothing.

True, you may have to support them financially from time to time, but that does not mean you should take away their financial freedom.

Like you, they are supposed to be responsible for how they manage their financial resources.

Millennials would not like you to probe into the financial affairs of their spouses, too.

So, rather than being too curious about your millennial’s financial stuff, you should encourage them to live as responsible adults.

Teach them to live their lives the way they love it.

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Three Things Millennials Look Up To In Their MomsThree Things Millennials Look Up To In Their MomsThree Things Millennials Look Up To In Their MomsThree Things Millennials Look Up To In Their MomsThree Things Millennials Look Up To In Their Moms
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