Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach at 50

Ever heard that life begins at 40?

Well, maybe not for women but this presupposes the fact that you haven’t lived your best life yet until you turn 40.

No one knows whether this was meant to be a confidence booster or if it actually has some empirical backing to it.

However, we’d like to believe the very best is yet to come. Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach at 50

This isn’t something you would tell a 50-year-old woman though.

See at that age, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface that is threatening the very life she lives.

A woman at 50

  • Is worn out by the experiences that life has thrown at her.
  • Feels she’s not desirable because of her numerous scars both physical or emotional.
  • Probably doesn’t know who she is anymore because she lost herself raising kids.
  • Is skeptical about what life holds for her now that she has reached menopause.
  • Feels she has somewhat become undesirable now she’s retired and old.
  • Feels she is closer to mortality more than ever.

Realizing all these things can be very overwhelming for a woman. These are the reasons why a life coach is important in such situations.

What is a life coach to women at 50

Usually, a life coach is similar to a counselor but cannot be considered the same.

A counselor typically tries to get you over some event that occurred in the past but a life coach looks towards the future and tries to get you fired up to achieve those goals.

Everywhere in the world, there are statistics for life expectancy for people right from when they’re born.

So when people say they’re experiencing a mid-life crisis, this presupposes the fact that they have lived up to half their life expectancy.

However, for people at 50 and above, this age is considered elite because it is past the mid-life and the presumption is that they’ll live to their full term.

Ask yourself if you are due to complete your full term, why waste it on low self-esteem and feelings of exhaustion?

Yes, you have been through the fire and have raised beautiful children, you may have even lost a spouse in the process or your right breast to cancer.

But these are the curves that make you who you are and with the aid of a life coach, you can move forward.

This is what a life coach does for women at 50

  • They give you an opportunity to err your struggles and help you appreciate them no matter what they are.
  • Most life coaches have been through your kind of experiences (why else would they be life coaches?) and will provide you with coping mechanisms to help you through.
  • They will help you see that life does not end after menopause. If anything it begins anew because you get the opportunity of attaining all your dreams without having to worry about hormones.
  • They also help you realize that the stress from all these varying experiences can tell on your body and mind and so you need to take delicate care of yourself.


The possibilities in life are endless irrespective of your age. A wise man once said, “once there is life, there is hope,” so let this resonate in you always.

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Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach at 50Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach at 50Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach at 50Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach at 50Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach at 50
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