Feature Story: Dr. Geneva Williams, The Vibrant Life Architect

The Vibrant Life Architect 

By Daryn Carl Ramsey

I was both excited and amazed as I interviewed Dr. Geneva Jones Williams.

Exuberant because I recently discovered that we have so much in common as we are both natives of Neptune, New Jersey.

Yes, we are both born and bred on the Jersey Shore.

We grew up in the same neighborhood and literally right around the corner from each other.

She has a book coming out entitled: Justice on the Jersey Shore – How Ermon K. Jones Ignited Change and WonA book about her father, a civils rights leader, from our community.

Dr. Geneva, as she likes to be called, is a trailblazer

She has a 40-year stellar career in the nonprofit field as an executive leader where she received many awards.

This vibrant life architect also has a lot of “firsts” in her career including the first woman to hold the position of President and CEO at United Community Services.

Dr. Geneva Williams - The Vibrant Life Architect Her recent initiatives are remarkable as well. For example, she is a podcaster who has recorded over 100 episodes.

These podcasts include: “Dr. Geneva Speaks” and “Ignite2Impact.”

They were started because of her passion to raise up and inspire the next generation of leaders and have deep conversations about life “between the dash.”

This paradigm shift came after her parents and her husband passed within an 18-month period. “When I was writing out the obituaries for my loved ones, I wrote their birth dates and their expiration dates. Though that was factual and important, it’s more about what do with time in between the dash that really makes the difference,” she says.

Her two podcasts, which are syndicated through iTunes (now Apple Podcasts), iHeart radio, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Youtube and of course on her website, DrGenevaSpeaks.com, are aimed at helping others live a vibrant life.

She has even created an online course: TheVibrantLifeBluePrint.com.

Dr. Geneva is not your average retiree

One would think after retiring from four decades of a successful career in nonprofit management, Dr. Geneva J. Williams, 69, of Detroit, would just have her days filled the typical retirement activities like lunching with friends, traveling and playing with grandchildren.

But not Williams. She is living a vibrant life: publishing books, recording podcasts, creating online courses, mentoring corporate Generation X women in her Facebook group, facilitating events for American Heart Association – and now, winning a “Beauty Pageant.”

Dr. Geneva is the reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine which focuses of women over 50.

She entered the pageant because she wants to encourage and inspire women on how to improve their overall quality of life by staying fit.

“My goal is to encourage other women to take better care of themselves as they age. It’s equally as important to look good and feel good as we age but also to do good – and leave a legacy.”

Make no mistake about it, Ms. Black Fit and Fine is just beginning to hit her stride. Dr. Geneva will be raising the awareness of women, looking good, feeling good and doing good for a very long time.

Dr. Geneva J. Williams is co-hosting an event for the Michigan Association of Female Entrepreneurs on Tues., March 26. Visit www.MAFEDetroit.org  for details on the Women’s Leadership Forum. A panel discussion, led by Dr. Geneva, titled “Women of Social Change,” will be comprised of women who founded social enterprises that are making a difference. 

This article was originally published at Speakers Magazine.

About Dr. Geneva

Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a Master Leadership Strategist & Vibrant Life Architect.  She is also the reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine.

For information on her new course, “The Vibrant Life Blueprint,” go here.

Dr. Geneva'a Vibrant Life Blueprint Course


Feature Story: Dr. Geneva Williams, The Vibrant Life ArchitectFeature Story: Dr. Geneva Williams, The Vibrant Life ArchitectFeature Story: Dr. Geneva Williams, The Vibrant Life ArchitectFeature Story: Dr. Geneva Williams, The Vibrant Life ArchitectFeature Story: Dr. Geneva Williams, The Vibrant Life Architect

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