Why is Body Language Important?

In life and business, first impressions are crucial. As the old saying goes, “You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” But did you know that you make an impression on people in the first seven seconds of meeting them? Your body language plays a big part in this first impression. Why is body language so important?

Body language tells other people a lot about who you are and how you feel in a situation. Our posture plays a vital role in showing our emotions, even if it is not voluntary. Positive body language helps people be more assertive and gains more attention and favor than defensive type in any setting.

The words you speak certainly play a role in the message that you are sending out to your audience. However, be aware that your body posture, and your words are not sending the same signals. This verbal and nonverbal signal conflict can make you appear deceptive or untrustworthy. Mastering strong body language signals in three specific situations can help you succeed in your work, relationships, and community.


Strong, positive body language is essential for business owners and employees alike. A positive, open body language fosters a team atmosphere and boosts morale. In the workplace, establish rapport with coworkers and clients by smiling, showing open palms, leaning forward, and making eye contact. These body language cues will help you develop and sustain healthy relationships at work. 


We have all had a moment where we feel that our message in a relationship is being misinterpreted. This miscommunication could result from our verbal message not matching our nonverbal cues. For example, if you say to your spouse that you want to come to a consensus in a disagreement, but your arms are folded across your chest, you send mixed signals. Instead, try sending your message with your arms relaxed at your shoulders and a smile on your face. Learning to read body language can work to your advantage in personal and professional relationships. You can use other people’s body language to determine their thoughts and feelings and use it strategically to interact with others effectively.

the importance of body language in business

Public Speaking

Perhaps one of the most essential areas to use your positive body language is in public speaking settings. Here, your body language tells the audience everything about your credibility. A credible speaker will own the room with their body language and earn an attentive audience. You can also use other people’s body language to determine their thoughts and feelings. Reading the body language of others is a skill that you can practice, and with time, you can use it strategically to interact with others effectively.

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Why is Body Language Important?Why is Body Language Important?Why is Body Language Important?Why is Body Language Important?Why is Body Language Important?

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