When Good Influence Happens In Bad Environments

Dr. Geneva Williams SpeakingWe often conveniently undermine the power of influence, without understanding that influence on its own is a potent weapon.

Its effects are sometimes dependent on how it is wielded, and most times, by who is using it.

There are many examples of how much damage lousy influence has caused in the environments they were exposed to.

The Jews were almost wiped out because of the decisions and control of Hitler; there is a long list of these things.

Moreover, because we focus on fixing the damage the bad influence has left in its wake, we fail to see what change the good influence can make.

Remarkable changes have been made in bad environments where good impact was introduced.

Despite the circumstances surrounding the move of Sister Mary Jane Clarence – the character of Whoopi Goldberg in sister’s act, she came with quite a good influence on the kids in that environment.

Using the affect she had, she turned a bunch of rebellious, intolerable unwilling-to-learn kids into a group of kids who had a better attitude to life and the society at large.

That is just one of the many times good guidance changing a bad environment has been portrayed.

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Here are a few things that will happen when good influence occurs in a bad environment.

The environment becomes better 

An environment is as good as the people in it.

When the change starts from one person, then two, a few more, the society will heal of the toxicity that is bursting at its seams.

Children are saved 

A bad environment affects the kids a lot more than it does the adults. Recalcitrant youths did not become that way in a day.

There was a systematic process of decay that took place in them growing up, and when they had finally grown up, the state had gone beyond repair.

A good leader will help the kids be better people, because just like the decay process, the good grows as well, and it gets better with time. 

The children are seen as the future of society, and a good influence is needed to make sure this future is a good one.

There is constant growth 

There is no way the community would grow when it is living under a bad guidance.

But when there is a good leadership, growth is ensured. No environment will not positively thrive when it is ridden with good influence.


There are only two kinds of guidance in the world, the bad and the good. The environment it controls represents each one.

Unless we want to have more Bin Laden’s and Hitler’s, we need as much good influence as we can find in our environments.

Growth of the environment depends on it, the lives of the children rely on it, and youths are hanging on this.

We undoubtedly need more good influence in our environments, if we intend to save humanity.

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Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a Master Leadership Strategist & Vibrant Life Architect.  She is also the author of Justice on the Jersey Shore and reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine

When Good Influence Happens In Bad EnvironmentsWhen Good Influence Happens In Bad EnvironmentsWhen Good Influence Happens In Bad EnvironmentsWhen Good Influence Happens In Bad EnvironmentsWhen Good Influence Happens In Bad Environments
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