Vibrant Women Don’t Compete They Collaborate

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Vibrant women don’t compete. We support each other and collaborate.

We live in a word where people love to compete with each other over every little thing. However, I feel like this: Why compete with like-minded individuals when they can help you get results faster?

There’s enough leadership pie for everyone, so instead of seeing others as competition, choose to collaborate with them on common goals.

Think about the people that share the same passions as you do, and meet with them to lay out a plan of action. Set an intention to meet with them on a regular basis and work together to implement the plan.

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Relationship building is an important key to collaboration and success.

Build a relationship with like-minded people by sharing ideas and encouraging them. Remember: you may be very good at what you do, but you cannot do it all alone.

It’s not about you, it’s about the change; and change takes place when people work together.

When you collaborate with others, you must always keep in mind that everyone has something to give.

Another person’s talents may be different than yours, but trust that their gifts will contribute greatly to what you all are working hard to achieve.

Some people may not know what their gifts are, so it’s important for you, as a great leader, to pull out the best talent you can find in people.

Help people discover their gifts; and in doing so, they will be empowered to use their gifts to strengthen others.

This strengthens the team as a whole, and produces creative energy and collaborative power, which always leads to success in any endeavor.

Collaborations can be difficult at first, but you will soon discover that it is well worth the time and energy spent.

Always remember that 1+1 = 3 when it comes to collaboration!

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Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a Master Leadership Strategist & Vibrant Life Architect.  She is also the reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine.

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Vibrant Women Don't Compete They CollaborateVibrant Women Don't Compete They CollaborateVibrant Women Don't Compete They CollaborateVibrant Women Don't Compete They CollaborateVibrant Women Don't Compete They Collaborate
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