Do Vibrant Women Over 50 Fear Life Coaching for No Reason?

Being over 50 comes with some apprehensive traits, one is distrust and another fear.

The idea of putting your life choices in the hands of another person while talking about your mistakes in the past is not an easy choice to make.

For this reason,  most women above 50 fear life coaching, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like relationships.

Not everyone wants to sit down and tell a total stranger they have no relationship with their story of hurt and pain, hoping there is a way they can guide them through not repeating the same mistakes.

dr geneva williamsIn as much as these fears are valid, there is no reason to fear.

Yes, you are over 50, but that’s the perfect reason why you would need that coach. Too many things are going on in your mind at this point.

You’re looking at the mistakes made and not wanting to make them again yet, not knowing what way to go about it.

Looking back you may be thinking there is so much more you could’ve achieved if you had made some different choices.

Although this may deter you, knowing that it is still possible to realize those same goals now that you have the right kind of guidance is the motivation you need to begin working with a life coach

There are so many things you can glean being under the right life coaching.

Benefits that would make your fears seem less important because sincerely, there is no actual reason to fear life coaching.

Here are the benefits of getting a life coach

Life coaching offers much-needed support

The changes you intend to make to your life, even though they are good, the process will be hard.

You are over 50, you live lived your life long enough thinking you could not make that change, thinking you could not move forward, or move on from that horrible relationship.

Well, this change means pushing your limits. It means dealing with that hurt you have ignored for so long.

Darling, this would rock your world. It would shake the very foundations you stand on, and you cannot do this alone.

Without the support of a person who has enough experience to understand what you are going through, you will find yourself relapsing, getting tired and giving up.

A life coach, while guiding you through the process, will also support you through it.

Life coaching gives reassurance

At this age, you need reassurance often. You need a person to remind you that it is okay to be scared of taking that jump, but you can take it anyway.

Get all the assurance you can get. The journey will get hard before it gets easy, you need to be reassured often to reduce the amount of doubt you may be having.

Life coaching sessions are attentive

A life coach will listen to and be attentive to whatever it is you have to say to them.

It’s through the information you give them, that they will be able to advise you accordingly.

These benefits, when you look at them, they are bigger than the fears you’re having.

Your fears would limit you from getting the help you need from a life coach, it’s time to get over that fear and get a life coach, there is no reason to fear.

You are doing just fine.

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About Dr. Geneva

Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a Master Leadership Strategist & Vibrant Life Architect.  She is also the author of Justice on the Jersey Shore and reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine

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Do Vibrant Women Over 50 Fear Life Coaching for No Reason?Do Vibrant Women Over 50 Fear Life Coaching for No Reason?Do Vibrant Women Over 50 Fear Life Coaching for No Reason?Do Vibrant Women Over 50 Fear Life Coaching for No Reason?Do Vibrant Women Over 50 Fear Life Coaching for No Reason?

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