5 Ways To Influence Any Audience With Your Presence

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Influence Any Audience With Your Presence

One way or the other in life, we have met someone with a strong presence.

We notice, listen to, and respect them. Somehow, their being alone motivates us into doing something.

Pushes us into action. Personal presence is that natural attribute that endears us to people.

You can recognize it in people with confidence, wit, and courage. Really, moving an audience is not an easy feat.

You have to ensure that you don’t bore them to death and able to carry them along.

Be sure to get them to participate in the conversation, and in most cases, you need days to prepare what you want to say.

You might also need to practice how to pass the message across. So, it becomes surprising to learn that your mere presence can be enough to influence them.

Unbelievable, right?

However, you can get it done. You can influence even the most challenging audience with your presence.

Here’s How Your Presence Can Do It:

1. Dress the right way

The first thing an audience will notice about you is your dressing. The situation commands the attire.

When it’s a business forum, be in formal attire. Addressing children, go with semi-formal.

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A bunch of manual workers try casual. If you’re overdressed when it’s not needed, you will intimidate your audience.

Moreover, if you’re too casual when formality is the key, no one will take you seriously. Let your dressing blend with your audience.

That way, they will be comfortable with you even before you start talking.

2. Be Confident

You will lose your audience if they sniff vulnerability on you. Try not to stutter, and shove your nervousness away.

If you’re a shy person, practice with friends beforehand. A few practices should set you right.

You cannot persuade people if it looks like you’re not sure of yourself.

Don’t be stiff and don’t be too laid back. Let people know that you’re in charge of what you want to present to them.

3. Have The Right Attitude

The occasion will demand your attitude. In a formal setting, you won’t convince anyone if you’re only there with anecdotes.

While in an informal one, you will lose your audience if you’re too serious. Yes, you’re brilliant, and you know your stuff.

However, will people like the way you present your stuff? So use the right language; don’t be flippant or vulgar.

Smile when it’s necessary, and be firm when needed.

4. Never Get Distracted

This can be dangerous. When you’re enjoying the talk, you can lose sight of your goal.

You can get sidetracked, moving from one unrelated point to the other.

Try not to ramble; at the end of the day, you have achieved nothing.

To stay on track, create a slideshow, or have a list. This will be your guide and help you stay focused.

5. Watch Your Body Language

A beautiful speech can get thrown out because of lousy body language.

Slouching, Clumsiness, and irregular hand movement can ruin it all. So, stand upright, and gesticulate with appropriation.

Look people in the eye and pass your message across. Be calm and poised.

This way, anyone will believe that you’re in charge. Don’t forget your voice control; not too loud, not too soft.


Try to understand that it is not an act. You cannot force a natural quality. But you can cultivate it.

With a strong presence, no pitch is beyond you. You can convince even the hardest hearts.

You’ll find its more comfortable to sway the most challenging mind and help the dullest brain.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting it right.

I would love to come to your next event, seminar or workshop to speak more on creating fearless opportunities.

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5 Ways To Influence Any Audience With Your Presence5 Ways To Influence Any Audience With Your Presence5 Ways To Influence Any Audience With Your Presence5 Ways To Influence Any Audience With Your Presence5 Ways To Influence Any Audience With Your Presence
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