What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself?

Successful women wear many hats in their careers, community, and home life – and all too often, the candle burns at both ends. The struggle to find balance is a popular query for many, and the answer is investing in yourself. But what exactly does it mean to invest in yourself?

If the phrase “invest in yourself” has you thinking about cost, spending money, and savings, it is time to reframe your mindset. Investing in your life and well-being can cost very little monetarily. Instead, the investment comes in the forms of time and effort to improve professional, spiritual, physical, social, or personal aspects of your life. 

Financial investments, however, can help us define how investing in yourself can work. When you make a financial investment, you put resources into something that will help you earn a greater profit in the future. The same is true for you. Putting resources into making yourself a better and stronger person adds “value” to your life. As a result, you become a better version of yourself and feel happier, more fulfilled, and successful.

Take the leap and invest in your life by deciding that you are worth it. Then, choose one area of your life to focus on to start. Research shows that balance in these areas will lead you to a well-rounded and fulfilled life. 

  1. Spiritual 
  2. Physical
  3. Emotional/mental 
  4. Financial 
  5. Business/Career
  6. Relationships

how to invest in yourself

Allow yourself to take the time and put effort into your transformation. It will be hard work and exhausting sometimes, but keeping the end result in your mind’s eye will help push you toward your goals. Share your goals and intent to invest with those close to you. Having their support and encouragement will be critical. But remember that growth is a process that takes time, so know that it will come with time. You are the only one that can make the choice to invest in yourself and your life as a woman, and now is the time.

As you explore your best goals and options for a true investment in yourself, consider reaching out for professional help. Dr. Geneva’s Vibrant Life Blueprint online course offering could be an excellent start. Learn four simple steps that will change your life and how to apply them. Not only will you receive guided videos, but all four modules contain downloadable handouts, worksheets, and checklists. Let Dr. Geneva help you design a life full of purpose, passion, and vibrancy.

Ready To Invest In Yourself?

Dr. Geneva is committed to helping people create extraordinarily personal, professional, and community impact through self-development and leadership strategies. Reach out today to get started!

What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself?What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself?What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself?What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself?What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself?

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