Here’s What You Wear On A Date After 50

Got a date after 50?

Thinking about what to wear on this date after 50? While choosing clothes in your 50’s, always consider the  occasion and what suits best. 

When thinking of the best ideas for stylish clothes that best portrays your personality, remember that whatever makes you feel good looks good on you. 

On a very first date after 50, you don’t have to be too serious or appear stressed. 

A confident and elegant look will do you a lot of good on a date after 50. 

It is essential to note that prospective partners make a quick judgment of each other based on first impressions. 

Your outfit to a date is a significant decider towards that regard, as it proffers you the opportunity to present yourself in your best light. 

With the availability of many quality clothes shopping outlets, getting a stylish and well-fitting outfit being over 50 indeed wouldn’t cost so much. 

Putting on your best look shows a sign of respect for your date. Self-confidence too can be very appealing. 

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Here are some excellent pointers on what you should wear.

The Idea Matters

It is very paramount to note that when going on a date either in your 30’s, ’40s or ’50s having it at the back of your mind matters a lot. When meeting someone special, either on a first date or second you can’t afford to show up looking unkempt. Putting all efforts to look your best shows, you have got respect for the person you are meeting, and you have a bit of self-respect too. 

Fix Yourself

When going on a date in your 50’s, it’s good to get the most vital parts of your outfit right, which includes your body features. This means, getting a beautiful hairdo or cut, clipping your nose and ear hairs, a proper and thorough mouth wash to enhance your breath smells and lovely body sprays. Keep your nails neat and well-trimmed. 

Choose Comfort Over Flashyness 

At your mid-age, you very well know you are no longer young so picking a cute outfit for a date should be based solely on the comfort it gives you rather than tight, flashy-looking outfits that might be a total turnoff for a person of your age. For women, Cold-shoulder Sweaters stacked with bracelets is a beautiful combination or better still, stick with V-necks. Unbuttoning your shirt to just above the cleavage with sexy leather leggings which could also be matched up with a tunic sweater can also be quite comfortable for a 50year old who is going on a date. Dresses or skirts that are short more than a few inches above the knee is a no-no. 

Discover Your Color 

Being in your 50’s is not a time you overlook colors that suit and matches your skin. Wear a color that is rich like red and turquoise on warm skin. Cooler tones go well with brighter colors. 

Find What Fits

Another vital guideline when preparing to go on a date in your 50’s will be finding and wearing what fits you. Clothing that is too loose such as baggy trousers could be unappealing and inappropriate most times. So getting fitting pants or jeans will be a good match with a nice shirt or top to go along with.

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Here's What You Wear On A Date After 50Here's What You Wear On A Date After 50Here's What You Wear On A Date After 50Here's What You Wear On A Date After 50Here's What You Wear On A Date After 50

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