Why Worry? Stop Negative Thinking, Believe in Yourself, Think Positively, and Create a Fulfilled Life




Dr. Geneva Speaks Has The Best Motivational Books


Worrying? There’s no need to worry about what’s behind you or the future.

Worries about your physical health and those heavy burdens on your mind can be eased with the right ways to heal. You can create a new way of feeling renewed and refreshed with my ebook .

People who spend a lot of time worrying, struggle in many ways you might not know about.  I have a solution to help you with any worry you may face in your life. I give you actionable steps to use now.


Grab a copy of my ebook bundle: “Why Worry” & “Staying Positive in Tough Times.”

The Best Motivational Books
New eBook Bundle -“Why Worry” & “Staying Positive in Tough Times”

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Worry Can Affect Your Mental Health, Physical Health, and Your Actions (and What to Do about It)
  • How to Come Out of the Pandemic With a Renewed Sense of Self
  • How to Expand Your View to Help Others Instead of Worrying About Others
  • Why You Are More Than Capable of Getting Past Any Obstacle COVID-19 Throws at You
  • The 5 Things You *MUST* Do to Keep Your Sanity During the Crisis
  • Even More Quality Resources and Suggested Reading to Empower and Encourage You

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I give you actionable steps to use now.

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