We Are What We Repeat

We Are What We Repeat

Wanna hear a secret? I have one and the only way I’ll share it is if you promise to tell someone else. Here it goes:

Once you commit to changing your daily routine, your life will change too.

Aristotle said, and I agree, we are what we repeatedly do. That is because a daily routine, full of healthy habits and disciplined decisions is the diet of champions. So, then the pursuit of success is about attaining good health and happiness in the anticipation of what’s next.

Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone. Being associated with the word “routine” may be too mundane for some; however, here is why aligning with a

Rise routine (Morning)

Rest routine (Evening),

and an everything-in-between routine will feed your soul. 

Mornings are wonderful because they provide a chance to start a new day, accomplish tasks, and take another step toward your goals. But how can you ensure that your day starts off right, enhancing your health, energy, and productivity?

The road to success is often under construction. By taking some time to take care of yourself in the morning, before doing anything else, you can ensure that your entire day will run smoothly.

Fortunately, you get to define what success looks like for you. Success comes with intentional planning and work. Sustaining success requires planning your self-care. You’ve heard me say “drink while you pour” and replenish your supply as you give unto others. Take care of yourself first because you truly do have to nourish to flourish. Here are five simple routines to commit to.


Morning Routine 

Bedtime Routine 

Self Care Routine ***

Cleaning Routine 

Gratitude Routine

You know I love my Dooney & Bourke collection, right? More than that, I also know that your body and mine will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Read my lips, invest in yourself. Good health is your real wealth and establishing these patterns throughout your day will produce repeated benefits throughout your life. 

We Are What We RepeatWe Are What We RepeatWe Are What We RepeatWe Are What We RepeatWe Are What We Repeat