Setting Ambitious Goals For Yourself

There is a consequence to setting unrealistic goals and placing unreasonable demands on yourself. Can you guess what it is?


That consequence is inner conflict. One outward expression of an inner battle is new, uncharacteristic behavior. Since feeling like a failure is not a top priority on anyone’s To-Do List, instead, let’s peer into your very best future and choose to see what you ARE wildly capable of achieving.


Simply put, words matter. Words give and take the life right out of your hope and dreams. So, if you are not the ‘big hairy audacious goal’ type of person, it’s all good.  Instead, you can be the ‘ambitious’ goal-setter. I’m a witness that ambitious goals make for truly outstanding achievements. 


Setting goals is easier and more accurate when you use the right resources and tools. And you know that I want you to feel confident and empowered when you are making these decisions for yourself. You owe it to yourself to design the life you want. In other words, it’s about time you gave yourself permission to experience another win.


You’ll notice me repeat this often – YOU ARE wildly capable of achieving more than you believe you can. 


On the road to your next win (aka ‘Success’), you can create a plan to detour around any self-imposed speed bumps. Here are the key ingredients to get over the hump when setting out to dominate your goals:


Blend enthusiasm with clarity and certainty of knowing the direction to follow that will lead you directly to the goal. Successful people know where they are headed, know how to get there, and are not deterred from reaching their destination.


If ‘goal’ is the destination, ‘ambition’ is the speed to reach it.

                                                                                                   ~ Dr. Geneva Williams


You’re welcome to use my goal-setting plan as a map for yourself. Keep this in mind when you aim for your most ambitious goal: speed is the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate. Your rate of success will require some ‘fire in the belly.’ That means you may have to dig a little deeper to learn for yourself exactly what drives you, fuels your passion, and keeps your momentum. What will it take for you to make it happen? When I map out personal and business goals, I lean into Determination and Organization (DO). And sometimes when I DO, I keep it all to myself until I’m ready to announce it. When I’m ready to share my goals, my coach is among the first to know. Another common thing between the world’s most successful people is they have coaches and experts fueling their passions, dreams, and aspirations.


The more ambitious and private your goals are, the further you expand your imagination, and therefore, you can better reposition yourself to see a different way of looking at how best to reach your goal without falling into the comparison trap

You are    Setting Ambitious Goals For Yourself

There’s a bright future ahead for you. Since, the future is a story we tell ourselves, make up a good one.

When you’re ready  toSetting Ambitious Goals For Yourself share it with me, I’d love to know:

What is an ambitious goal that you can stretch toward today?

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Setting Ambitious Goals For YourselfSetting Ambitious Goals For YourselfSetting Ambitious Goals For YourselfSetting Ambitious Goals For YourselfSetting Ambitious Goals For Yourself