Ditch the Drive-thru and Decorate Your Table

Auntie Geneva is hosting a holiday feast and you’re invited to learn all about how I do it…and why. Grab a seat as I show-n-tell you all about the making of a holiday table…and just in time for this season of Thanksgiving. Thank God my mama taught me how to cook. See, I rarely do things fast and you won’t see me in a drive-thru anytime soon for a hot meal. No, ma’am. There is joy in leisure and taking a sweet stretch of time to create a feast fit for kings and queens at my dining room table. 

As I sit around my table, I am grateful for who is there and not worried by who is not. I am happy to swap stories of days gone by with family and friends by phone, video call, and those invited into my home. As I set the table, I count my blessings… good health, healthy children, a quiver full of grandchildren, and let’s not forget my BFF, Sandy. 

Pumpkin-spice-themed colors dance across the table. Hey, Pinterest could take a page out of my book for this year’s handmade, heartfelt gathering table. Consider the power of gathering together. You see, I think of autumn as a time to gather up scattered dreams, and ideas once tossed to the side, and as a season to reboot my confidence.  As I whip up my famous sweet potato pie filling, I imagine how life can be when I stir all of my hopes, dreams, and goals for the remainder of the year together. All the pent-up creativity from my heart and soul floods into my hands and like clockwork, the place settings come alive. I cannot keep a secret from you, so here’s a quick glimpse of the must-have items and Thanksgiving decor that bring the season alive in my home.

I know what you’re thinking…Dr. Geneva, who is gonna decorate my holiday table? 

Ask me and I’ll tell you the same every time. You can confidently decorate your holiday table. 

Here are some home decor tips to help you in the meantime:

For immediate help, search online using these phrases:

Oh, one more:

Holiday decor storage (for easy cleanup later on). 

Repeat after me…because we are what we repeat: I owe myself the lifestyle of my dreams.

So, tell me. What holiday will you be decorating for next?

Find out more about why a dash of vibrance and a daily dose of confidence improve your outlook, your home, and any other area of your life.

Ditch the Drive-thru and Decorate Your TableDitch the Drive-thru and Decorate Your TableDitch the Drive-thru and Decorate Your TableDitch the Drive-thru and Decorate Your TableDitch the Drive-thru and Decorate Your Table