You Were Not Born to "Fit In." You Are Here To "Stand Out" From The Crowd And Your Surroundings.

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You deserve success. You are worthy of success, so there’s no need to doubt your abilities. But self-talk about what your friends and family think of you causes lots of anxiety and fear. If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

According to experts, this is a sign of imposter syndrome. It affects women, men, students, professionals, actors, and executives from all walks of life.

Feelings of imposter syndrome signify a clash between your self-perception and how others see you.

ven while others applaud your abilities, attributes, and achievements to the common-good in life and timing, you don’t believe you’ve earned them on your own merits, and you’re worried that others will come to the same conclusion.

As a result, you put pressure on yourself to work more so that you can:

  • Prevent people from noticing your flaws or inadequacies
  • Become deserving of positions you don’t think you’re cut out for
  • Make up for your perceived lack of intelligence
  • Alleviate remorse about “tricking” people
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Unleashing the Fabulous You by Dr Geneva

Perhaps you tend not to talk about your feelings with anyone, and choose to struggle in silence. You are constantly entertaining negative thinking, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. But now you can move towards a new thought-process and overcome these imposter feelings by:

Realistically assessing your competence skills

Attributing your success to sacrifice and hard work

Applauding and being proud of your performances

Believing that you will live up to your realistic expectations

Achieving more in life that aligns with all that is meant for you

In my new book, you will learn how to shift your thoughts and emotions to feeling confident and secure about your success and accomplishments. These methods will give you something to look forward to daily.


In this book, you will learn how to:

      • Address the negative thoughts and emotions associated with imposter syndrome.
      • Use practical methods that can be easily applied to unlock and enhance your fabulous traits within that’ll eliminate the feeling that you are not worthy to be where you are.
      • Confidently speak and use your voice with authority against the negative thoughts that keep reoccurring.
      • Get rid of the feeling of being an imposter, identify social anxiety and manage it day to day.
      • Unleash your positives, develop a healthy reaction to failing and making mistakes.
      • Make a quick response strategy and visualize yourself succeeding
      • Reward yourself for your efforts, and recognize your own strengths

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Unleashing the Fabulous You by Dr Geneva



Alana P.

I love this book! I use the advice to help me deal with being a “perfectionist.”

No one is perfect, and this book showed me how to move away from this mindset. I can exhale now!

Thank you, Dr. Geneva for such life-changing advice!


Cathy M.

This book help me get over pleasing my family with my successes. I know feel like my successes are because of what I wanted to achieve and not what they wanted from me. Get this book and read it!


Jacqueline W.

I love it! I am starting a new journey and on a great healing path after reading this book.


Johnette L.

Great read for those who need help with imposter syndrome! ❤️


Nicole J.

Still using the methods and advice! Great read!
Unleashing the Fabulous You by Dr Geneva

About Dr. Geneva J. Williams

Award-winning executive and published author Geneva Jones Williams, EdD, CEO of Dr. Geneva Speaks, is a sought-after executive coach to business executives, entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders. She is a catalyst for change and her reputation as a game changer is well established, especially in Detroit, where she has consistently been a trailblazing civic leader.

​Dr. Geneva led the United Way in metropolitan Detroit and was their first female president and chief executive officer. She founded City Connect Detroit—an innovative national model of public-private cooperation—and launched Figure Skating in Detroit, a leadership development program for girls. She raised millions for community change initiatives, and served as a university professor and as superintendent of a public school system.

Today, Dr. Geneva consults with nonprofits like Detroit Future City and The Kresge Foundation. She hosts a weekly podcast, Ignite2Impact, on iTunes and iHeart Radio— featuring insightful conversations with innovative leaders in business, nonprofits, government and the arts.

Through her company, Dr. Geneva Speaks, she consults, coaches, speaks locally and nationally, and teaches classes online in strategic planning, collaboration, change management, leadership development, work-life balance, and philanthropy.

Dr. Geneva is a native of Neptune Township, N.J., and an alumna of Morgan State University who also earned a doctorate in education from Wayne State University. Recently, she was honored as a Golden Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; crowned Ms. Black Fit & Fine; and is recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of Detroit’s most influential women.